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what is a chemical power flush?

Chemical power flush

Have you got the new boiler installed on your premises? If yes, then it is time to recommend a chemical boiler flush. A chemical power flush is a standard practice that is commonly conducted after installing a boiler. Over time, the boiler may get or build up rust and debris inside it. Due to these issues, the flow of water is restricted in your water pipes, and even your boiler does not produce hot water. The issue has got a huge impact on the energy-efficient system. So, it is the time for chemical power flush process to remove the debris and rust inside the pipes.

Chemical flush completely cleans the water pipes, radiators, and overall heating system. After cleaning, hot water flows fluently and easily. Cost affordable chemical flush process helps you from unnecessary spending if issues occur in your boiler. The process protects the boiler against any unforeseen expenses that occur later. You shall breathe a sigh of relief after the process. One of the best power flush providers in the UK is Easy Boiler Company.

What are the benefits of chemical flush?

  • The central heating system is cleaned and remains free from debris.
  • Heating efficiency is boosted and also free from rust and scale build-up.
  • The life span of the boiler is improved.
  • The energy bill costs less.
  • Corrosion and blockages in your heating system are reduced.

How often you shall have a boiler chemical flush?

Not many, but a few times are more enough. A chemical power flush is required depending upon the warning signs in your boiler or heating system. For example, the radiator bottom remains cold even heating is on is a serious sign. In this case, you shall not wait but proceed with boiler chemical flush. The other factors when you shall have a chemical flush are

  • Type of debris inside or amount of debris
  • Age of the heating system or boiler
  • Maintenance of heating system by the individual
  • As discussed above, cold radiator bottom is a serious factor when compared to other factors.


What to before you start the power flush?

  1. Switch off boiler
  2. Open your radiator valves fully
  3. Diverter valve fully open (more information if you want to know more about how a diverter valve works.)
  4. Close off your water supply
  5. If you have a sealed system you will need to de-pressurize system, drain off some of the water contents to bring the pressure to atmospheric pressure. Cap of the expansion pipe to the feed and expansion tank and also the cold downfeed pipe from the feed and expansion tank

How long will the chemical power flush take time to finish?

It may take a few hours to flush. It all depends upon the number of boilers and radiators you have. The complexity of water pipes and debris amount decide the total flushing hours. Once the work is over, the professional, which we mention an Engineer, will show you the results after flushing. He also shows you the comparison before and after flushing. He measures the radiator temperature for your satisfaction. You may feel fulfilled at the end by seeing a great change in your heating system.

Cost involved

We shall not arrive at a quick decision about the cost involved in the chemical power flush process. The reason is many factors decide the cost of flushing. It depends upon the age and size of your heating system. You may feel tough during the initial stages of flushing, but your burden is reduced to an extent. How? Due to flushing, your energy bill and maintenance charges are lowered later. Thanks to the chemical power flush process. The real reason is that your boiler and central heating system`s efficiency is improved. The working condition requires low energy to function, and hence you can lead a hassle-free life.

One of the best power flush providers in the UK is Easy Boiler Company.

You shall remember one more important thing during flushing the boiler and heating systems. What it is? Your systems may have additional repairs that require the help of engineers. So, you shall have to spend on the repairs along with flushing.


You shall get a free quote from the best engineers for the chemical power flushing process. You shall compare the quotes for your convenience and comfort. Pick the top-notch professional for your boiler flushing at an affordable price. A genuine company assures you a guarantee for the flushing process. Select the company that gives you desirable results on the whole.

Plenty of benefits of having your boilers flushed trigger you to approach an excellent engineer for the task. Yes, you need not hesitate to contact the professionals to cope with your comfort. You shall also apply for an annual maintenance plan for your boilers and heating systems. The annual maintenance plan keeps your systems in a great status all the time. Your worries get erased away due to the chemical flushing by quality professionals.