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The Technical Preview of Halo Infinite is All About Bots

The first technical preview of Halo Infinite will mainly focus on bots.


The initial step towards opening beta is the Halo Infinite technical preview. 343 Industries will be conducting various tests and previews in order to ensure that the game will launch in the manner it was intended, and with as few glitches, bugs, or balancing issues as possible. While the game`s developers will appreciate comments during these technical tests, the main motive behind running these tests is “testing and stressing the technical aspects of Halo Infinite.”


Pokeland Legends


The Halo Waypoint blog detailed out the general plan of the team`s for “flighting” and betas, but also mentioned that the first test will be focused on bots and “a section of the new Academy experience.” The preview is designed to be focused on these aspects to aid the team with gathering data about scale when they begin to introduce new features to the series.


The areas of focus for the technical test include:


  1. Arena gameplay vs. Bots
  2. Arena Maps
  3. Academy`s Weapon Drills
  4. Menu & Battle Pass UI
  5. Experiences using Waypoint on Android, iOS and the web.


War Wings


The zones will be tested with the Bot Arena playlist, which pits four players against four bots on Arena Maps, Bazaar Recharge, Live Fire, and Recharge. The test`s technical aspect will be easy to allow players to get acquainted with the game and the bots. Howeverit will get more difficult as time passes.


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To get you up level and comfortable with certain weapons, Halo Infinite will include a Weapon Drills featurethat players can also play with during the technical test. During this timeperiod, you can get the MA40 AR and MK50 Sidekick and the CQS48 Bulldog, Needler, and eight other weapons. The makers kept the contest alive by posting their Weapon Drills` high scores internally, and now are inviting fans to join in.


Also discussed in the blog were the game`s battle pass, challenges, and the customization system. The test will gauge how intuitive the UI feels and whether players can seamlessly navigate through certain sections. Accounts that are invited will be provided with a predetermined amount of in-game credits to test the battle pass system, but no items that are unlocked will carry over to the final game.



Head of Creative and Design for Halo Infinite, Joseph Statenprovided us with a brief preview to how the bots behave. They explained that ODST and Spartan Bots can effectively dodge rockets and grenades (whereas Marines and recruits won`t). “All Bots use equipment, and the more advanced Bots will Grappleshot to you to finish you with a melee kill (I`ve witnessed them do this using Energy Swordswhich is amazing and frightening). Bots are able to track power weapons that spawns and sprint to grab the weapons. Most importantly, bots are fair. They do not alter their health and damage values per difficulty level. Instead, they become more intelligent and resourceful as you advance through the ranks.