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How to ensure your trees stay in good shape this summer

Many people love to spend summer outside. If they`re not taken care of in a timely manner, summer can be extremely difficult on trees. This blog post will go over the five most important tree-care tasks that can keep your trees strong and healthy throughout the scorching summer months!

Prune trees that have become overgrown

This is the most important tree maintenance task you can do to ensure that your trees are well-maintained. The trees that are overgrown may not get enough sunlight, which can cause more problems later on including insect infestations and diseases. Additionallythe limbs and branches can break from excess weight if they`re too heavy.

Trimming back deadwood is a delicate job. You should not cut below the level of the ground to avoid harm to the roots below. You should also thoroughly clean the area, and remove any tree debris in order to keep bugs from entering.

Use a slow release fertilizer or a mixture of compost to fertilize your trees in the early spring.

It is vital to fertilize your trees in the spring, because it will affect their health in the summer. Trees are in preparation for summerand may end up being drained quickly when they are depleted of water or nutrients. Slow-release fertilizers offer essential nutrients to ensure healthy plants throughout the entire season!

Water trees should be watered every week at least to avoid root rot.

A lot more evaporation takes place in summer compared to other seasons. It is crucial to make sure your trees are getting sufficient water. You should check their soil at the least once each week, and offer them a drink when needed. The excess water can cause root rotand other problems.

Look out for signs of trouble

Keep an eye on pests like aphids, beetlescaterpillars and caterpillars as well as leaf miners, scale insects, spider mites, and whiteflies which can be controlled with a hose with water pressure to spray them off plants and trees

To avoid the spread of infection be aware of warning signs such as yellowing leaves and dying branches.

Remove fallen fruits

Remove any fallen fruits under the tree, as it may attract ants or wasps and could damage your plants in the garden. Instead of using chemicals you can take them off manually or with a hand rake.

If you need professional helpGet it.

It is wise to check using an storm cleanup sterling va prior to doing things that require professional assistance like cutting branches or removing trees from your property, particularly if they are near power lines that may be damaged by the process.