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Savor the Dates: Jan. 18-27


What is Turlock Restaurant Week? 

Turlock held its first annual Turlock Restaurant Week this past January. We invited residents of Turlock and surrounding areas to come together for ten-days of feast and post-holiday celebration. Participants can enjoy weekly deals, like discounted menu items, special three-course meals, drink specials, and more. All promotions will be focused on the particular item(s) created for restaurant week. Save the date for next year! January 18-January 27, 2019

How does Turlock Restaurant Week work?

Local restaurants offer distinct specials to showcase their creative ability! Take these 10 days to try out a new restaurant and think outside of your food box! 


How can I participate in Turlock Restaurant Week?


No tickets or passes required - simply dine out as much as your heart and stomach can handle! Follow @heyturlock for updates and news on 2019 TRW!

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 local restaurants offering  special dining deals over 10 days!

61% of adults say they would rather spend money on an experience, such as a restaurant or other activity, compared to purchasing an item from a store.

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